Winner of #AvrilRNRGiveaway

28. srpna 2013 v 21:38 | Niky-Avril
'Congrats @emsareh on finding of of the signed CDs in Times Square!!! #AvrilRNRGiveaway '

'And here's our final winner!! Congrats @fpariseiv and enjoy your signed #RockNRoll CD! #AvrilRNRGiveaway '

new #AvrilRNRGiveaway

28. srpna 2013 v 21:36 | Niky-Avril
If you're in the US and missed the yesterday, don't worry! I've got more CDs to give away today!!

#AvrilRNRGiveaway NYC

28. srpna 2013 v 11:37 | Niky-Avril
This 80 year old 6K seat venue is currently the home of NBC's America's Got Talent... head there to find my 1st signed #AvrilRNRGiveaway!

This rockin' restaurant has over 175 locations in 53 countries around the world but you'll have to head to NYC's to find my 2nd signed #AvrilRNRGiveaway!

I IMAGINE you'll be happy to find my LAST signed#AvrilRNRGiveaway in this fruity field!


28. srpna 2013 v 11:35 | Niky-Avril
Avril rozmístila 3 podepsaná cédéčka Rock'n'Roll v NYC...

'Hey NYC!! I have another surprise for you today! Find my hidden SIGNED #AvrilRNRGiveaway copies thanks to @Walmart!! '

Rock'N'Roll on iTunes now

28. srpna 2013 v 11:23 | Niky-Avril
Rock 'n 'Roll už je na iTunes tak nezapomeňte stahovat :)


20. srpna 2013 v 22:54 | Niky-Avril

Rock'n'Roll music video coming

20. srpna 2013 v 8:53 | Niky-Avril
'Are you ready for ‪#‎RockNRoll‬? The wait is almost over! The video premieres on @Vevo tonight at 3am EST/Midnight PST!'

'The video is… a post apocalyptic,… rocked out comic book adventure. And it's like nothing I've done before.' Avril Lavigne

Avril on twitter (45 minutes ago):

'Only 2 hours left until ‪#‎RockNRoll‬ is live on @Vevo!!'

'It's almost time to kick some BearShark ass! Just one more hour until the premiere of ‪#‎RockNRoll‬!!'

Britney vs. Avril

19. srpna 2013 v 21:10 | Niky-Avril
Britney vs. Avril!


19. srpna 2013 v 15:36 | Niky-Avril



19. srpna 2013 v 15:33 | Niky-Avril

(zde je druhé kolo hlasování...teď Ariana Grande vs. Avril)